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Natural Shampoo for Dogs - LONG Hair - ml.200


  • Natural Cosmetics for dogs
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Care and hygiene of the hair with natural skin restoring a line created to meet your dog.
It contains no alcohol, dyes, GMO, PEG and PPG, paraben and petrolatum. Its scent is totally natural without the addition of chemicals or synthetic fragrances.
A shampoo three ways: short - medium - long, and a detangling conditioner.
Because your dog deserves all your love

The Cannabis sativa is an ancient solution to the current problems of the skin. The oil extracted from the seeds of hemp is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 Gamma Linolenic Acid, vitamin E and B vitamins, essential amino acids and trace elements. Effectively prevents skin dehydration, as well as all states of extreme sensitivity and epidermal fragility, encouraging a healthy balance and lòa normal barrier function of the skin. Thanks to the easy absorption of this oil is exceptional for the intensive care and regenerating around the dog's coat.

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